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Features of M.ezGo System

Our M.ezGo System can offer many features, beside ETC Transactions.

Access from Anywhere

Want to check the card data? You can control it from anywhere.

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Activities Records

The transactions and activities records of ETC card will be recorded.

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Easy Account Setup

You can create M.ezGo account easily from the website application.

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M.ezGo Card

  • For recording the cash card, it is to record with the users’ national registration card, driving license and phone number.
  • A cash card can be used for every car’s OBU.
  • The history of the cash card can be checked at M.ezGo web at any time.
  • It is needed to keep the cash card with you.
  • The life span of the cash card is 5 years. (One cash card can be used for 5 years.)

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Surprise with M.ezGo card

M.ezGo Cash Card


  • OBU machine deposit is 45,000 Kyats
  • Card Joining Fee is 5,000 Kyats
  • Annual Fee - 3,000 Kyats (first year waive)
  • Card reissued Fee-5000 Kyats

Speed and Secure on Highway